Conquer The Kitchen : Take Our Cooking Classes!

Do you love food, but break out in cold sweats the minute you enter the kitchen? Do you hide the fact from your other foodie friends that you can’t make anything more complicated then toast? Fear no more!

Forkable is launching a new series of monthly cooking classes targeted to help the helpless find their way through the kitchen of doubt to the table of delicious and fun home made foods.

No matter what the fancy-schmancy restaurants might make you think, cooking is not rocket science. Its just mixing a few things together and possibly adding heat. Our classes are all about bringing food prep back to the people – taking snobbery (and fear!) out of the kitchen.

“I don’t bake much, but I’d like to do more, and this was the perfect no-stress way to get me excited about it. We felt totally at home in the cozy red and white kitchen, and the recipes were indeed easy but so yummy!”  -Bengi speaking of our Christmas cookie class.

We have a really down-top-earth approach to food and entertaining.  Our specialty is making good food on tight budgets so you don’t need to be made of money to enjoy our style (although it certainly doesn’t hurt!) Our straight forward approach is taught in an intimate setting of a real kitchen, with a class limit of five persons to allow for as much personal attention as possible. I love to cook and I want you to love it, too.

“Great class! Extremely informative and well organized with some good company and delicious results”  -Mike M.

So, if you can’t stand the heat, come to my kitchen!  Check out our calender of upcoming classes!

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