Candy Land Became The Wasted Land

A platter of Russian Teacakes surrounded with a mix of Almond Rolls and Raspberry Jam Kolaches.

Saturday night, our Forkable Christmas Cookie Extravaganza was a great hit. We all ate many cookies and drank many drinks. We got some great responses from people enjoying reading the recipes all week and then getting to finally sample to goods. Yum yum yum.

Here is the table just set as the first guests arrive. Among all the cookies we served you can see front and center in the basket (from left) Double Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies, Classic Ginger Snaps, and then Nut Clusters. To the right on the double tiered tray, we have a mixture of the Raspberry Jam Kolaches, the Palmiers, some Rosehip Thumbprints and Almond Rolls. Behind that we put out a display of the cute Kissable Mice on my Great Aunt’s Cake Platter. Don’t you like the stag centerpiece!

Palmiers set out in my Great Aunt Sis’s vintage candy dish. Behind you can see the platter of the Peppermint Fudge.

I’m sorry, I wish I had better pictures of the party. Its so funny how these events go. I spend hours and hours working on them, and then when they arrive, I just want to have fun and experience them and not be stuck behind a camera. I never end up with any good shots of the final product. I’ve got these few pictures of the party as it was starting and I have pictures of the aftermath. Although I have no pictures to show who and how many came, I can prove something happened by the mess left behind. By these images and the five stuffed garbage bags full of recycled bottles and cans, you can tell we had a great time!

No party is complete without Shrimp Dip!

My friend Stacy used to be our party photographer, but now she has moved. So I’ve got an opening. Anyone who wants to be assigned to this role, I’ll give free admission, free booze and all the food you can eat to our next party. So, just let me know if you’re interested.

Anyhow, Thanks again for all of you who came and celebrated this holiday season with us. So from all of us here at Forkable, Ho Ho Ho, Happy Holidays!

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