Chili Night Appetizers: Jalapeno Poppers and Roquemole!

I”m super excited about my appetizers for chili night: Jalapeno Poppers and Roquamole! Its guacamole with blue cheese. Come on! Awesome right?

Jalapeno Poppers getting ready to be baked.

I was trying to find something to go along with the Poppers. I was afraid the poppers by themselves weren’t enough and I wanted to add something which would make the vegetarians not feel excluded from the fattening decadence. I was asking my sister, who came up with Jalapeno Poppers recipe, for suggestions when she hit with this link.

Image by DC Digitial Photography

Bam. I was sold. Roquamole fits perfectly in with the theme, dressed up comfort food. The Blue cheese will be fancy and fattening with a musky flavor to compliment the smokey flavor of the bacon. (Or be an adequate substitute for the veggies).

My sister kneels at the alter of Nigella Lawson; a signed copy of Domestic Goddess is one of her prized possessions. I haven’t made many of her recipes, but I can definitely appreciate her straightforward approach of using a few simple ingredients without a lot of pomp and frill.

Image by Dewet

I love blue cheese of any variety, Roquefort, Stilton, Gorgonzola, Maytag. Its got such a deep salty musky flavor and great color and texture, I think its going to add an interesting dimension to a standard dish.

I can hardly wait to roq out! Can you?

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