Myth Busters! How Many Bottles in a Box of Wine?

A friend of mine, not naming any names of course, decided since no one was drinking the box of Franzia, it would be a good idea to rip the box apart leaving just the plastic bladder. We found it hanging out all limp the next morning.

I’ve been told a box of wine is equivalent to five bottles. Now, I finally got a chance to test this so see if it is truth or myth. I scoured my recycling basket and washed out some empty bottles with corks or screw lids.

I successfully topped off four bottles and as I went to fill the fifth, I realized not only would it be full, but I had about half a bottle still left in the bladder.

I went back and found a handle of Beam which had the capacity to hold the last one and a half bottles. Five bottles is a myth! It is actually the equivalent of five and a half bottles! I can use the wine for cooking, but where do I store all this stuff??

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