Forkable’s Festive Christmas Cookie Cooking Class

Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit more than starting my holiday baking. Forkable’s Annual Holiday Christmas Party is one of the highlights of the year, due in part to the 10+ varieties of cookies and candies we serve.

Want in on the baking action? This year, we’re hosting a baking day for readers who’d like to get some hands-on time in the Forkable Kitchen.  Announcing…

Forkable’s Festive Christmas Cookie Cooking Class!
Saturday, December 5.  12 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Suggested donation: $40

If you’d like get in the holiday mood with some sprinkles and spice, bone up on some cookie skills or just have fun baking with a great group of like-minded foodsters, here’s your chance!

This will be an intimate event: the class has 5 spots open and we’ll make three to five different kinds of cookies.   We’ll post the cookie menu before the event.  Aprons, ingredients and kitchen tools will be supplied.  You won’t need anything other than holiday spirits (attitude, not liquor, although no one’s stopping you!)

Each guest will go home with a mixed bag of a dozen homemade cookies.  Here’s last year’s cookie list for some inspiration!

Reserve your spot today because space is VERY limited!

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