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C-BLT With Chipotle Mayo

C-BLT? What’s the “C” for, you ask? Representing the makers of my favorite whiskey, rock musicians and sketch “coamody” troup, eh?, its for our hockey loving neighbors to the north! It puts the Canadian in Bacon!

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Fire In the Hole! Jalapeno Poppers.

Pretty much anything wrapped in bacon becomes a million times better. If you add cheese, your recipe will be UNSTOPPABLE!

When my sister Emily and her husband Jason were visiting his family in Texas, they were served whole jalapenos stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and BBQ’d until nice and crispy. They were blown away, but my sister’s gringo taste buds were burnin! When they got back to Michigan, they wanted to figure out a way to make the poppers year round, without the BBQ and without so much pop. Here is the recipe they came up with.

Jalapeno Poppers

Slice 15-20 Jalapenos in half, seed, and allow to soak in water for 30 minutes. By removing seeds and soaking you can remove a lot of the spiciness from the raw Jalapenos.

Tip: Use latex gloves when handling raw jalapenos to keep the oil off your hands. Always wash your hands with soap to remove any oil which may have gotten on your skin. If you don’t, and touch your eyes or the inside of your nose, you will be in a world of pain!

Mix 1 cup of shredded cheddar and 1 package of cream cheese. Spread cheese on each Jalapeno half.

Take 1 package of bacon, and cut in half or in thirds to have enough for all your jalapeno halves. Individually, wrap bacon around each jalapeno half.

Preheat broiler. When all halves are wrapped, place tray under the broiler until bacon is brown and crispy.

By de-seeding and soaking and cooking the peppers, much of the killer spiciness is reduced. (Don’t worry, these are still very fiery). Emily and Jason came up with substituting broiling instead of using a BBQ so you can do them quickly year round without firing up the charcoals.

This is the perfect time of year for this snack as peppers are popping off the vine. So wrap ‘em in bacon stuffed with cheese and really let it pop.

Check out my Jalapeno Poppers Instructable which has supplemental info and great readers comments.

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