Adventures In Baby Food: Organic Roast Squash

Thora is finally old enough to start eating food!  The number one question I got when I announced I was having a baby was, are you going to start blogging about making baby food?  Well, yes, I think I will.

Organic squash puree baby food frozen in individual portion sizes.

The awesome thing is making baby food for a 6-7 month old is super easy! Their little constitutions are just learning to eat food, so you don’t want to mix in any additives or sweeteners.  So if you make squash, its just that.  Squash.  Maybe a bit of water.  Still, though, I’ve tasted some of the baby food you buy at the stores and its gross.  I wouldn’t eat it, so I can see why she’s not that into it. Oh, I get it, babies don’t like too much taste, but hey, they’re still human.  So I want my baby food to taste as good as possible.

I was lucky enough to get a bunch of organic butternut and acorn squash from Ira’s parents.  So we’re starting with the best quality.  You can easily boil it down to make a puree, but if you roast it, it will enhance the natural sweetness of the squash and make it sooo much more delicious.  So this is exactly what we did.

Here’s how our first batch of squash baby food was made:

1) Roast Squash.  Preheat oven at 400 degrees.  Cut squash in half and scoop out the seeds.  Pierce with a fork throughout.  Place squash in a tray and roast at high temp for an hour or so.  Remove from oven when squash is soft and easily forkable.

2) Puree Squash. Using a spoon, scoop out roasted squash from the skin.  Using a food processor, or blender, puree squash until smooth.  Add a small amount of water to make puree smooth.

3) Freeze squash. Freezing individual baby portions is easy!  Just spoon a heaping Tbs into each section of an ice cube tray and freeze overnight.

4) Store Frozen Squash until needed. Remove frozen cubes from trays and place in freezer bags.  Keep frozen until needed.

5) Defrost when needed and eat up!  This squash is sweet to the taste and goes down easily.  Thora loves it!