Last Minute Christmas Present Round-up

Does Dec. 23 and 24th find you scrambling around trying to scrounge together last minute Christmas ideas for a shoestring budget?  My answer is usually yes.  Here’s a quick round-up of my favorite ideas of this season to help give you one last push to the finish line.

Chocolate Peppermint Molten Cakes

All I can say is OMG, cake: mouth now!  Sprouted Kitchen’s Molten Cake recipe looks so f**king amazing, my keyboard isn’t working so well because of the drool puddle I just made.


DIY Peppermint Schnapps

I love Outblush’s suggestion for making an easy peppermint schnapps as a gift.  Here’s their quick recipe.

Fill a glass jar about 1/3 the way full of the fresh peppermint and then fill the rest of the jar with un-flavored vodka.  Let it sit in a cool, dark place for a week to two weeks depending on how minty you like your schnapps. Once it’s done steeping, strain into a new glass container.

Granted, you will have to tell your giftee to strain the schnapps, but it will look quite pretty now.

Beautiful Handmade 3-D Christmas Ornaments

I like my Christmas present ideas like I like my women: cheap and easy.  I mean…  Just kidding. Sheesh.  Tough crowd.   Anyway…  How About Orange’s easy 3D paper ornament gives great results for very little investment.


Festive Button Wreath

I love Readymade’s Festive Button Wreath idea.  I know, I know.  Most of us don’t have a million buttons sitting around.  My Mom does, but most don’t.  I still like the idea.

Homemade Hot Peppermint Fudge

Ok, this suggestion is typical but its always a crowd pleaser.  Who wouldn’t be happy with a jar of Rhonda’s Hot Peppermint Fudge Sauce.

I hope these ideas are helpful to all my fellow procrastinators out there.  So come on all you Ho ho hos, get out there and finish your gift list.

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