Happy New Years!

Happy New Years Eve!

Its not just New Years Eve, but today marks the last day of a decade.  I know this is a food blog, but I want to take a moment to chroncile the highlights of the past decade in my life. (I realize this is more for me then you all, so feel free not to read on).


  • Travel to Europe for the first time: 2 week road trip around Ireland
  • Meet Ira


  • Start dating Ira
  • Bike across Wisconsin with Ira (as first date – yes it was a week long date)


  • Ira starts teaching me how to cook.
  • Travel with my sister and Ira to Europe for a 5 week/5 country tour


  • Ira and I graduate from College
  • Ira and I get our own place
  • I throw my first dinner party (it was vegan)
  • I quit my numerous part time jobs and start working full time for a grown up job.
  • Ira and I throw lots of awesome parties at our new awesome apartment.


  • Ira and I travel to Scotland for 2 weeks
  • We have more awesome parties.


  • Ira and I travel to Ecuador for two weeks and I fulfill a dream of visiting the Amazon rainforest
  • Ira and I decide to bike around the United States.
  • Ira and I live on rice and beans for a year to save money for our trip. ($10,000 each)



  • Ira and I almost break up, but decide to give it a second chance and continue our bike trip
  • We bike 5,000 more miles through 16 states and 5 Canadian provinces.
  • We come back to Chicago and move into our current awesome apartment.



Ok, this was a longer post then I was going to write, but looking back, so many awesome and amazing things have happened.  I’m always getting on myself on not accomplishing anything, but I think I have done some pretty neat stuff. I know this next decade is going to be just as good!  I can’t wait.


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