Come Celebrate the Forkable Baby!

Yes, its true.  Forkable is going to have a baby!  And I don’t mean a metaphorical small website which is a baby of its mama. I mean, literally, we’re having a human baby.  I’m due in late June!

(This is such a horrible photo of me, I’ve got to repost another one ASAP)

I know, I know, you’re thinking, June?? This is right around the corner.  Why didn’t you mention it before?  Well, the internet is a strange place and sometimes I like to keep things IRL until I’ve wrapped my mind around them.  One way or the other, now you know.  We’re super excited and can’t wait to meet this little person (sex unknown).  We know this is going to change our lives dramatically, however, we’d still like to maintain as much of our regular lives as we can.  This includes being a car-free household!  But… how can one get around with an infant without a car??  Well, we’re looking to get one of these amazing Dutch family bikes!

They have this awesome bucket in the front where you can strap an infant car seat into and when the baby is old enough, it can sit in a little seat with a seatbelt like the three tykes above!  The only problem is, these bikes are a bit expensive; the one we’re looking at retails for $3000!  But here’s where you can help out AND have a bit of fun yourself:

You’re invited to attend the Forkable and Being Totally Sweet In Chicago Bike For Baby Bash!

When: Saturday, April 24  8 p.m. – whenever!
Where: Aloft Loft 2041 West Carroll Avenue #306  Chicago, IL 60612
Details: We’ll be serving up awesome baby snacks like bugs on a log and rice crispy treaties, awesome music for an all night dance party and most importantly complimentary kegs of local beer!

Tickets are $20 for advanced online rsvp and $25 at the door.   So come on out and party with us to celebrate this awesome moment in our lives and help us stay on the road- two wheeling style!

Even if you can’t make it to the party, please feel free to donate anyway!

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