Christmas= Cookie Time!

Christmas Cookies 4 by Flickr User Dano

Christmas time, its Christmas time, lets all have good cheer to all our friends and neighbors.

This weekend you’ll find me completely covered in flour and chocolatebaking in the kitchen to prepare for our annual Cookie Party next Saturday. Every year I make about 10 different kinds or so. So pull out a big glass a milk because for the next week, expect only cookie posts.

Pinwheel Log by Flickr User PugnoM

Here’s a list of the cookies I plan on making. I’ll be picking my favorites to share as recipes, but let me know if you want any specific ones and I’ll try to provide.

Ugh. I just realized, I’ve listed 14 different kinds. Hopefully I’ll have time for all of them. Well lets shoot high!

If this isn’t enough, there are lots of blogs running a different cookie recipe everyday, and they have newsletters you can sign up for which will send the recipes straight to your email! So lets get baking!

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