Mr. Sammy Face

Friday nights I get home and don’t want to fuss with making dinner. However, Ira and I have learned the hard way too many times, a night out at the bar with no dinner makes for messy results in the morning. Somehow a sandwich doesn’t sound too exciting or filling for dinner, but if we change our way of thinking and go the panini direction, we have fast and fun dinner which gives us a sense of European delight.

Assembling our sandwiches with mayo, honey mustard, swiss and munster cheese, homemade dilly green bean pickles and ham (which hasn’t been put on yet.)

Panini, you think, don’t you need a Panini Press? Of course you do, but you don’t have to have this fancy one.

Do you notice the large “Blaze” Le Creuset Dutch Oven?? Yes, I am a spoiled rotten lucky girl, this was my Xmas present from my parents. I’m already putting it to good use.

For ours we just fried our boring ham on our cast iron grill. Using a small baking pan to press the panini evenly, we weighted them down with my heavy enamel cookware pots.

The results were a delicious continental dinner treat which proved the perfect base for our Friday night drinks. A potato pancake from our neighborhood Polish deli finished off our quick healthy fried dinner.

But do you see him in there? Mr. Sammy Face? He’s dangerous and he wants to eat your face. To bad for him, just the opposite is going to happen.

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