Northwoods Adventure: Rustic Camp Cooking On A Wood Stove

Nothing elicits cooking creativity and ingenuity then lack of modern conveniences.

Our creative chops were challenged this weekend, while staying in a rustic cabin in the Northwoods, which, lacking electricity and running water, gave us only a wood stove to work with.

Ira, Thora and I, outside our rustic ski-in cabin on the ski trails at ABR, in Ironwood, MI.

I’m certainly not complaining because a wood stove is an awesome tool, which provided us more then adequate power to whip up some awesome eats!  First: breakfast.

Breakfast included pan broiled bacon and buttermilk pancakes!

Jenny pours pancake batter into pans coated in bacon grease to reduce sticking.

For Lunch: we had bacon wrapped hot dogs fried on the stove

Dinner found us BBQing chicken legs under the stars with embers from the fire.

Brandon BBQing. photo by Andrew Golding

Peppers roasted in the stove embers as well as grilled asparagus made awesome sides to our BBQ’d drumsticks.

Dessert was an instant maple whiskey sorbet made by mixing fresh snow, maple syrup and a nice dash of Jim Beam.

Jenny holds her cup of sorbet with a nice side of cheddar cheese.  Photo courtesy of Jenny Addison

Not to let anything go to waste, the next day we set the left over chicken bones from dinner into a pot of water and simmered them all day to make a nice chicken stock.

Chicken stock and coffee simmering on the stove. Photo courtesy of Jenny Addison

By adding a package of shells mac n’ cheese as well as some beer, we had some delicious beer cheese soup!

Thanks everyone for such an awesome weekend!

Pictured from left, Ira, Andy Golding, Aaron Brown, me, Thora,  Jenny Addison, Brandon Heuser, Kristen Romaniszak.

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