Pie-Eyed Meat Pie: Drunken Pulled Pork

In old timey days, two bottles of cider was enough to make one completely pie-eyed.  Well, in this recipe, it won’t even take one!  This delicious “pie-eyed” pastry is stuffed with “drunken” pulled pork which is slow roasted in hard apple cider.  We’re upping the old timey ante by turning the classic British meat pie on its head, by substituting the traditional round shell for a tantalizing EYE shape, whose interior is porked out with our cider roasted meat.

This Eye of Pi looks great and tastes even better, especially when garnished with the delicious hard cider au jus as a dipping sauce!  The recipe itself is quite simple, however the shape of the eye complicates the process quite a bit.  To get the eye shape, we created a custom mold using a spring form pan, aluminum foil and rice.

Mold made using a spring form pan, aluminum foil and rice based from a drawing above.

Because classic British meat pies are tall and stand on their own, we needed a mold which would give stability during cooking, but then could be easily removed.   Using a spring form pan, allowed us to easily remove the sides, discard the rice, which gave the aluminum walls of the mold stability and cut off the aluminum mold.

Mold being removed half-way through baking process.

After slow roasting the pulled pork in hard cider, we pulled it apart and compressed it into a tight ball to give us a proper filling texture.

Compressed ball of pulled pork to be used for filling.

Once our mold and our meat filling was ready, we made a pastry dough and began construction of our eye pie.  Because the pie needs to stand on its own, once cooked, the dough needs to be thick, about 1/4″.

Once the dough topper was in place, we decorated with extra pieces of dough cut out to mimic the eye lashes,  pupil, iris and tear duct.  Food coloring was applied for added effect and the parts were laid on the pie to create the final touches.

The pie was baked for an hour at 325 degrees, until it was strong enough to have the mold removed.  Once this was done, it was brushed with egg yolk and put back in the oven for an additional 30-45 minutes at 400 degrees.

It was sliced and served warm.  Delicious.

Here is the full recipe with detailed steps.  Check out the slide show for more images.

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