Quick Tip: Revitalize Your Sludgy Tahini

I love making hummus, so I always have a jar or two of Tahini, a sesame seed paste around the house.  One thing I’ve noticed is that over time the oil in the tahini will often separate leaving a hard dry sludge in the bottom of the jar that is difficult to remove.  You can avoid this by periodically stirring the tahini to keep it from separating, but over the long winter months when the jar often goes untouched, its easy to forget.  In the past, I’ve just thrown these jars out, but I hate waste. I’ve had two jars lingering in my pantry with the hard sludge, and I refuse to be beaten down. So earlier today, I took care of business and I put some new life in the hardened sludge.

Quick Tip: Revitalize Your Sludgy Tahini:

If you have any jars of tahini which have hardened, use a knife or a sharp spoon to scoop out the dried tahini. Put in a food processor with a few Tbs of olive oil. The amount of oil will depend on your tahini, about 1 Tbs olive oil for every cup. Pulse in food processor until the tahini becomes smooth again and place back in your jar.  Easy!

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