The Illusive Dream of Yogurt

As a few of you may have noticed, I’ve been oddly silent the past few weeks.  Am I quitting blogging?  The only thing I can tell you is I’ve been waging a war in my kitchen with some goddamn yogurt! I’ve always wanted to make my own yogurt and I made it a part of my 2010 New Years Resolution list (a carry over from 2009) that I wanted to do it this year come hell or high water.

Well the water is high in my kitchen which could be described as a yogurt hell. I’ve wasted a few gallons of milk and all I’ve had to show for my attempts is some very liquidy curdled mess which couldn’t be considered anything close to yogurt. I keep telling myself my next post is going to be How To Make Yogurt, so because of this, I don’t have any posts.

So to get back to my first question. Am I quitting blogging? The answer is, we’ll see.  I refuse to post again until I have succeeded in making some yogurt! So lets keep our fingers crossed and perhaps send a few prayers to the god of active cultures.

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