Cure Your Nausea with Fresh Ginger Mint Tea

I haven’t been posting much lately and its not just because I’ve been wrestling with making yogurt or anything else. My absence is both exciting and sort of annoying. We’re happy to announce that the Forkable family will be gaining an exciting addition around February 9thish. Yup, I’m pregnant again!

The past 2 months, however, have been a bit difficult, as I’ve been dealing with a lot of early pregnancy nausea. I haven’t been wanting to eat much, so I haven’t been cooking, so…I don’t have anything to blog about. But I have been making a lot of ginger tea which is a decent natural way of reducing nausea. So I CAN blog about that.

Ginger has been used for hundreds of years to help with many ailments including reducing nausea. Although this won’t necessarily erase it, it does help tame the raging stomach beasts. Perhaps its a placebo, but I’ve made sure to always have a jar in the fridge for immediate use when I’m at my worst. So here it is.

Fresh Ginger Mint Tea

  • For every cup of water:
  • 6-8 slices of fresh ginger, peeled
  • 1/4 c. fresh mint leaves

Bring water to a boil. Turn off heat. Place ginger and mint in boiling water and allow to steep for 10-15 minutes, until a nice dark color. Drain and remove ginger. You can remove mint leaves, or leave them in if you like a more minty flavor. In summer, chill and drink cold. In winter, drink warm with honey.

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