Quick and Easy Raspberry Freezer Jam

Want to make your own jam, but intimidated of the canning process?  Don’t worry, here’s an easy way to make your jam and preserve it all year.  We’re going to make freezer jam!  What’s great about this method is that it does not take any fancy equipment, so anyone can do it!

Yesterday I was able to get 6 pints of delicious raspberries for $1 each.  I love getting a good deal!  So, we’re going to make raspberry jam.  The only special ingredient this recipe requires is powdered pectin to help the jam thicken.  Sure-Jell is the most common brand which you can find in most major grocery stores.  For this recipe, we’ll be using the pink box, which is the low sugar pectin.

Raspberry Freezer Jam*
makes 6-8 pints (or 12-16 cups)

  • 6 pints of raspberries to yield 8 c. crushed raspberries
  • 7 c. sugar
  • 2 packages of Sure-Jell low sugar powdered pectin
  • 2 c. water

Select the jars or containers you wish to use for your jam. Wash and rinse containers.  You don’t need any special containers, just ones with lids which seal tight to prevent freezer burn.

Rinse raspberries. Place in a bowl and crush using a potato masher. Measure out 8 cups.

In a large soup pot, measure out 7 cups of sugar, exactly.  Add two packets of Sure-Jell pectin into sugar, stir until well mixed with sugar.  Add 2 cups water and stir until mixed.

Place sugar mixture on burner over medium-high heat. Stir constantly until mixture starts to boil.  Boil and stir for 1 minute, exactly, and then remove from heat.

Add crushed raspberries and stir into melted sugar mixture for 1 minute.

Pour jam mixture in your jars and seal tightly with lids.  Allow to stand for 24 hours to set.

Place jars in freezer.  And eat at your leisure!

*based on recipe from the Sure-Jell packet.

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