Good For Your Uterus, Good For You: Rasberry Leaf Tea

We all want healthy female reproductive systems, right?  I know I do.

A steeping mug of raspberry leaf tea.

Raspberry leaf tea is said to help tone  the uterus, improve contractions during birthing and decreases constipation.  Well this all sounds good to me.  While used primarily during pregnancy, it can also be effective to help women looking to get pregnant.

Drying raspberry leaves on a tower of baking sheets saves space in the kitchen. Leaves need to dry for a few weeks before storing in a sealed container, to keep them from getting moldy.

I drank A LOT of raspberry leaf tea while pregnant with my first baby, and was able to have a non-complicated natural birth.  I’m not sure if it directly helped, but I’m willing to try again on this pregnancy. Fall is the perfect time to harvest the raspberry leaves, so I took advantage of the bushes growing at my parents house to harvest some.  My mother-in-law Janice was also willing to furnish me with a couple of jars as well, so I sh0uld be well supplied.

A jar of dried crushed raspberry leaves ready to make into tea.

Making this tea is as simple as picking the leaves, drying them, and then steeping them in boiling water. So if you are pregnant or wanting to get pregnant and have access to any raspberry bushes, I highly suggest making some of your own!

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