Applesauce Is Easy!

Fresh apples are one of the best parts of fall! Applesauce is super easy to make. Fresh apples are always so full of sugar, you doesn’t need any additives so it makes a perfect nutritious food especially for babies. We’re going to have 2 babies to feed this coming year, so I’m planning on canning at least 8 gallons.

You may be thinking, is making your own apple sauce worth it? Even though it is easy, it can be a bit time consuming to core and peel apples enough for a good batch.  Bon Appetite’s blog recently posted an article asking this same question.  Their answer was, yes, it is worth it for a superior taste. Although they say it costs more to make it for yourself.  This may be true if you buy apples in the best quality.  However, if you can get them for free, or find discounted bruised ones at your local orchard, you can save a lot of money.  Since you’re cooking them down, it doesn’t matter if there are some bad spots you need to cut out.

Since we get our apples for free from my Aunt Shirley’s apple trees, our sauce costs us basically nothing to make gallons and gallons of delicious, nutritious organic apple sauce!  Perfect for babies, children and adults alike!  Let’s get cooking!

Easy Applesauce

  • apples, as many as you want.  At least a couple pounds

Prep apples: Core and skin apples.  Cut out any brown spots.

Cook apples: Place apples in a large enough soup pot.  Fill pot with a couple inches of water.  If you’re only doing a small amount of apples, just an inch will suffice.  The water is just to keep the apples from burning the bottom of the pot before they’ve cooked down enough to make a sauce. Cook apples over medium low heat for 30-90 minutes, again depending on the amount of apples.  Just cook them until they’ve cooked down into a sauce.  Stir occasionally to keep it from burning at the bottom.

I never add any spices or sugar, but if you prefer, you can season to your taste and add some cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, or sweetener at this time

You can leave your apple sauce chunky or you can puree for a more smooth consistency.  For small babies, a smoother consistency is better.

Storage options:

  • Canning is a great way to store your applesauce.  Apples have enough acidity so you can safely can them in a water bath with no additives.  Just place your applesauce in a canning jar, seal using the proper sterilized canning lids and process in a boiling water for 20 minutes.
  • Freezing is also an easy way to store applesauce.  You can place in jars or bags and put in the freezer.  For quick baby food, you can freeze single serving portions in an ice cube tray.  Once they are frozen, remove from tray and transfer to a freezer bag.

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