Delicious Healthy Cookies. No Joke!

Everyone knows cookies are the best. But the guilt which goes along with eating something which isn’t very good for you isn’t so much fun. But there might be a way to have one without the other. And no, I’m not talking about those stupid Snackwells. My friend Sarah, recently turned me on to this recipe for cookies which are delicious and good for you. Not just low fat, but actually good for you! And they taste good!

Morning Glories.  Photo courtesy of

Sarah Britton, the holistic nutritionist and vegetarian chef behind the blog My New Roots, developed the recipe for her Morning Glory’s as a healthy option for a breakfast cookie.  The main ingredient is Oats which is very high in a super fiber called Beta Glucan which is good for lowering cholesterol and stabilizing blood sugar.  But the main kicker of this recipe is that it uses white beans as a binder instead of an oily fat like butter.  Although it sounds a bit nuts, these cookies have a great texture and a delicious flavor of anise.  Just try for yourself, I know you won’t be disappointed.

Check out the Morning Glory recipe here.

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