5 Quick and Sweet Raspberry Recipes

This blog post is sort of just a way for me to gloat about my weekend raspberry exploits.  I mean its only a partial gloat.  A REAL gloat would probably involve me picking gallons of wild raspberries from my wooded property in the U.P. However, since I live in Chicago, I will settle for scoring 6 cases of organic raspberries from my local fruit market for $3 each!  Yus!

I love raspberries!  So does Thora.  So we’ve been having fun.  Yesterday we made 4 gallons of freezer jam and today we’re going to make pie.  So…what’s my point, you ask?  Why am I wasting your time?  Well, here’s a collection of 5 quick and fun raspberry recipes so if you have an amazing raspberry haul yourself, or even just a pleasant pint, you can make the most of it!

I’m also gloating that I was able to get all 6 cases home on my motorcycle!

Radical! Raspberry Recipes
(Please say Radical in as obnoxious of voice as possible)



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