Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups: Raspberry Leather

Remember those super fun fruit snacks your loving and doting mother would pack in your school lunches?  Yes, I am talking about the much beloved fruit roll-up.  (Ok, I am probably dating myself here, but…) In the 80′s this was the jam.  Or dried jam really.  Well, if you wish to mix a bit of the nostalgia of your youth with the staunch DIYness of your hipster adulthood.  This post is for you.  This recipe is super simple, easy and will make you look very green and down homey.  Ok, lets make fruit roll-ups.

First though, I have to bullshit a bit about my life.  Anywho, for a few glorious days this summer, I was raspberry rich, after scoring cases of organic raspberries for $3 a piece.  However, the reason they were this cheap is because they were right on the verge of going bad.  Obviously.  So, as I am a total hedonist.  Nothing but 6 cases would do.  I used 4 up making freezer jam.  So, that leaves 2 to contend with.  What is a good way to make a good raspberry last?  Dry it into fruit leather!   Lets do it.

Raspberry Fruit Leather

  • Fresh Raspberries (or another berry of your choice)- at least 2-3 pints per tray.
  • honey (or another sweetener of your choice)
  • cheesecloth (optional)

Really the only ingredient which is mandatory is the fruit.  All else is up to you.

Short version: 

Process fruit until smooth.  Optional: Remove seeds with a cheesecloth.  Optional: Sweeten with the sweetener of your choice, honey, sugar, what have you.  Line baking sheets with syran wrap.  Pour raspberry mixture in and dry in oven for 12-24 hours at about 100 degrees.

Longer Version:

Here is the same basic recipe with a few more notes and directives for the worry wort in you.

Process the fruit: Crush your berries.  A food processor works best because you want to pulverize the berries and make your mixture as liquid as possible.  If you don’t have a food processor, a blender works well too.

Remove Seeds (Optional): I get sick of picking raspberry seeds out of my teeth, so I am option to remove as many seeds as possible.  To do this, simply line a bowl with cheesecloth, pour in your raspberry mixture and squeeze the pulp out. The cheesecloth will catch most of the seeds.

Sweeten To Your Taste (Optional): Depending on the flavor of your berries, you might want to add a bit of sweetness.  For this batch I added some honey to sweeten.  I suggest starting with 1 tsp a time, stir and taste.  Keep adding until it matches your mood.

Dry: Now to get the sweet roll-up feel, line a few baking sheets (depending on the amount of raspberries you are working with) with Syrian wrap.  Make sure to cover bottom and sides.  Pour raspberry mixture into the pans, so that the bottom is covered uniformly with a thin layer of raspberries.  You want it to be thick enough to cover the whole tray, but not too thick, as it will take longer for it to dry out.  I suggest going for thinner over thicker.  Shake/jiggle trays to get an even consistency.

Dry in oven at 100 degrees. If you have an oven with a warmer setting this is often around 100.  If you are like me and your lowest setting is 250, I suggest preheating the oven to 250.  And then turning it off when you put your trays in.  12-24 hours at 100 degrees will do the trick, depending on the humidity.  I was making my leather during a crazy heat wave in Chicago, so I didn’t worry about the oven temp.  I stacked them in my oven and allowed them to sit for about 24-48 hours with the oven off the whole time.

Assemble Roll-Ups: Peel syran wrap away from trays.  Roll up and cut into the desired width.  Store in air tight ziplock bags.  They should stay good for 3-6 months.

When you serve them, make sure to tell everyone you ONLY use locally sourced organic raspberries and  locally sourced organic lavender honey.  I don’t care if you really did or not.  I won’t tell.  Its just very important to keep up our obnoxious hipster cred.  That is all.  Have a great day.

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