Healthy Home Canned Tomatoes

Its tomato season!  With all the information coming out in the past years about how purchased canned tomatoes contain BPA,  which increases one’s risk factor for heart disease, obesity and diabetes, I feel like its more important then ever to can my own tomatoes.

Luckily, my parents always have a huge garden and can send me home with a few bushels.  This year, I think I made off with about 70 lbs of tomaters!

There are so many different things you can do with tomatoes, and each recipe is super easy.  So, whether you have your own tomato plants, or you can get a good deal at a farmers or produce market, you may want to think about canning your own to increase your health and happiness!

I’ll be canning mine as juice, roasted marinara, pickled, and whole.  Over the next four posts, I will share my quick and easy techniques.  So lets get canning!

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