2012: Food from Scratch In Review

New Years is all about resolutions, but New Years resolutions are depressing. They are based on what you’re not doing and/or what you want to do better.  This year, Ira and I decided to spend New Years Eve writing a list of achievements of the past year.  It was very empowering to focus on what we’ve done well, not what we haven’t.  So I decided to apply this to Forkable.  Here is a list of foods I am very proud to have incorporated into my daily life over 2012.

1. Raspberry Jam
This summer I was lucky enough to get 6 cases of organic raspberries and I made almost all of them into freezer jam.  I have enough to last all year!  I use it daily to make quick delicious vinaigrette, on toast or as a delicious sweetener to my daily oatmeal breakfast or yogurt snack.  Am I going to get sick or it, you ask?  Sick of raspberries? GASP! NO. I won’t.

2. Yogurt
I finally have figured this out!  Its all in keeping a steady 100 degrees during incubation.  I make yogurt at least once or twice a week now.  Yay! Probiotics have never tasted so good.

3. Granola
I usually make a big batch of this twice a month.  Granola is great with milk for breakfast or on top of yogurt.  It saves me a lot of time and money by not having to go buy so much boxed cereal for our breakfasts!

4. Saur Kraut
This year, I decided to always keep a batch of fresh saur kraut in the fridge to eat and one on deck, fermenting in the crock.  In the past I would just ferment and can a huge batch in the fall, but canning kills the pro-biotics.  And I want healthy intestines!

5. Fresh pickles
I’ve also got a jar of refrigerator pickles going at all times.  Mainly cucumbers, but I’ll do green beans, garlic, or whatever I have on hand. Its fun to taste the transition they go through from the light dill taste of an early pickle to the full Briney flavor of a mature one.

6. Fresh Bread
Its amazing to wake up every day to the smell of fresh baked bread that I only spent 5 minutes making!  Thank you bread machine!

7. Apple sauce
This is the best baby food ever.  I’m so lucky to be able to get organic apples every year from my family.  For the past few years, I’ve been able to can a few gallons of apple sauce every year.  Its so wonderful to be able to know I’m giving my baby the best food he can get.

Ok, well, that is enough shameless self aggrandizement for one day. 2012 was a great year.  I hope I can make 2013 just as amazing!

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