Fifth Forkable Anniversary!

This month Forkable turns five! Let’s celebrate, starting with a photo from my first Forkable photo shoot!

I look great.  My photo skills sure have improved.  5 years!  1,507,705 page views, 383 posts, 1,195 comments, readers from 209 countries.  We’ve been covered by TimeOut Chicago, featured on Bon, The Kitchn, Gapers Block, Boing Boing (twice!), and been retweeted by the official Showtime Dexter page.  I’ve had a post go viral (700,000 unique hits)!

We’ve hosted underground supper clubs, cooking classes in our kitchen and catered events including my own wedding!  Not too shabby. My photos have gotten better.  I’ve become a better writer.  Sort of.  And we’ve eaten lots of amazing food.

Whats next for Forkable?  Readers may have noticed I don’t post as much over the past year or two as I did in the past.  Well, having 2 children under the age of 3 will do that to you!  Am I going to quit writing Forkable?  NO!  I just may only post once every other month.  But this site is such a repository of recipes, its got almost all of my favorite recipes already.  But when I find something truly special, I promise you, I’ll share.

Ok, enough tooting my own horn.  Yay!  5 years!  Ok, serioulsy.  Enough tooting.  Thank you all so much for 5 years of readership, support and love.  Lets continue to make amazing foods!

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