Grill & Chill: Pizza On The BBQ

Part 1: Pizza on the Grill

Ira and I, along with Eric (who we talked into driving us) rode into Michigan for the weekend, so my family could meet our new dog, Gertie! She quickly charmed all my family members as quickly she sucked us in. Needless to say she was a great success!

In the summer, my Dad loves to “Grill and Chill”. Saturday night my sister and I were put in charge of dinner, so we decided to BBQ personal pizzas and lounge by the pool, with beer of course! While we were busy partying, the double batch of pizza dough I made wanted to come out with us a do a bit of sun bathing itself!

When the dough and toppings were all ready and prepped, everyone attempted the old dough tossing maneuvers to flatten the dough out to the size they wanted.

From left, Andy, my sister Emily and her husband Jason ham it up.

When all the pizza crusts were ready, we took them out the grill for a quick pre-bake to ensure the dough would be nice and crispy!

Next, we loaded on the toppings!

We had a selection of fresh mozzarella. mushrooms, peppers, caramelized onions, kalamata olives, sauteed spinach, fresh basil, ham, homemade sausage among other things.

Everyone had their own techniques of applying the toppings, but for most it was the more the merrier!

Parmesan? High Life?

Before Grill

After topping the pizzas, they went back onto the grill to heat the toppings, melt the cheese and brown the curst a little more.

After Grill

…And then, ready to eat!

My brother Alger is going to have a cheesy beard.

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