C-BLT With Chipotle Mayo

C-BLT? What’s the “C” for, you ask? Representing the makers of my favorite whiskey, rock musicians and sketch “coamody” troup, eh?, its for our hockey loving neighbors to the north! It puts the Canadian in Bacon!

Before I get too far into my love of sweet, sweet Canadian bacon, I have to digress a bit to another love: vine ripened organic heirloom tomatoes!

When I say vine ripened I don’t mean the stuff you buy at the store, I’m talking about grown by the sweat of your friend’s brow. (sweat is always better when its off someone else’s brow). When my friend, Wendy, gave me a bag full of the most delicious, sumptuous tomatoes, I knew I had to do something worthy of their ripe beautiful bounty. I can’t cook these tomatoes! They’re too sweet and supple. What could make the most of this sweet seasonal treat…hmmm. I got it!! BLT’s!! Nom nom.

But it can’t be just any BLT. It has to be a special BLT! Not just any bacon will do. No, for this, I need a special, supple bacon: thick and sweet but seasoned with a special kick! Peppercorn-encrusted Canadian Bacon, made by my local Polish Deli, is sooo delicious!

Ok, we’ve got the B and the T, but we still need the L. No ordinary lettuce will do obviously. I want fresh, so fresh…so fresh its actually still alive!! Hydroponic Lettuce! Yes sir, this stuff is still alive, and its up to you to go in for the kill. Rip those leaves off, and eat ‘em. SO fresh, so sweet.

Finally the last ingredient. Mayo. To me this is as much an important part as the other ingredients. I don’t know why they never added it in. Well I’m going to! BMLT. Oh, wait. I get it. That’s gross. Ok, so I’ll leave it out of the name, but not out of the sandwich. Since all the other ingredients are going for gold, we can’t just use regular mayo. We’re going to make chipotle mayo! Delish:

Chipotle Mayo
enough for 3-4 sandwhiches

1 chipotle pepper, (from a can: see above pic) chopped into paste
1/2 c. good mayo

1) Mix together. Easy. Done!

How was that for a recipe? You don’t need a recipe for a CB-CM-LT. Fry the bacon, toast the bread, slap the mayo on the bread. Layer toppings and you’re done. Lets sum this up:

This sandwhich is going to kick ass!
B: Peppercorn encrusted Canadian Bacon
L: Hydroponic Lettuce
T: Organic Vine Ripened heirloom Tomatoes
not to forget: our Chipotle mayo.

All of these round little ingredients compliment each other so nice. Time to EAT!!! NOM NOM NOM! I love BLT’s!

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