WELCOME: The New Face of Forkable

I just broke a bottle of champagne over my computer to christen this first post of our new design, so I’ve got to write this quick before my laptop short circuits and dies.  The new and improved face of Forkable has transformed our previously average food blog into a dynamic and multifaceted digital repository of food information, Forkable style. Slow food for fast living now enters the fast lane with options to allow you to easily browse by category or search for specific recipes. New links in the sidebar give you one click access to time saving tips and essential food resources like quick kitchen conversions and ingredient substitutions. The value of this blog no longer resides only in the information contained in the most recent post but has become a sum of all its parts. Each post acts as a vital ingredient, and when mixed, becomes a Forkable Feast!

So welcome, come on it and look around. Feel free to ask any questions or comments. I’ll be around, fixing links and cleaning formatting issues which I didn’t know of or couldn’t get to until the site was live. I thought about waiting until everything was perfect to lauch the site, but then I thought. F*ck it! We’ll do it live!

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