Tip: Everybody Loves Bread Bowls

I know when I think bread bowls images of Country Kitchen or other tacky diners come to mind. But all tackiness aside, there is something awesome and comforting about the idea of soup or stew served in a edible carb loaded vehicle. I made bread bowls for our Forkably Hip, of course fancifying it up with the title “pastry dish”. Using my good ol’ standy pizza dough recipe, brushed with garlic and olive oil and sprinkled with a bit a Parmesan cheese, my “pastry bowls were delicious, elegant and definitely enjoyed by all!

But how did I make them bowl shapped you ask?

“Pastry bowls” cooking in oven. 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Tip: Bake your dough draped over bowls to mold their shape.

  • Make sure to use OVEN SAFE bowls or glassware
  • Make sure bowls are adequately sprayed with cooking oil before topping with dough.

Simple and fun, these little guys can definitely give an added panache to any soup or stew. Try it out!

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