Żubrówka: A Sippable Steal

My antique decanter next to the bottle of Żubrówka

My Mom and Dad gave me this awesome decanter set for my birthday last year and so far I haven’t put anything in it yet. It comes with a sweet set of shot sizes glasses, so I was thinking some sort of sipping liquor like a nice cognac. Recently I was Archies, our neighborhood bar, I was reminded of a forgotten favorite, Żubrówka. Żubrówka, pronounced zu-bruv-ka, a Polish buffalo grass Vodka, has subtle flavors of vanilla and coconut, with each bottle stuffed with one blade of its signature buffalo grass.

Blade of Buffalo grass visible behind the awesome Bison Brand logo.

I’m not much one for sipping vodka, as I am much more of a whiskey girl myself, but Żubrówka goes down surprisingly smooth and steady for such a strong liquor. Żubrówka also goes great with apple juice, a drink referred to as a Polish Kiss in the US and a frisky buffalo in the UK. Żubrówka is a sipable steal at around $13 for a fifth and $25 for a handle. If you think about a vodka you can stand to drinks straight, most cost around $20 a bottle. What a deal!

Today when I was doing my shopping for dinner, I saw one bottle of Bison Brand,my favorite brand of Żubrówka left, so I bought it up QUICK! I decided it was the perfect choice for my new decanter.

So finally after more then a year, I pulled the decanter off the shelf, washed it down and filled ‘er up.

Now she’s standing pretty as the center piece of our vintage hutch ready to place a Polish Kiss on our next visitor.

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