Eerie Inspiration for Gross Halloween Goodies

Halloween is almost here! Only one more week to gather your eyes of newt and toes of frog to have your witches brew ready for your Halloween party. In case you’re stumped, here’s a round-up of my favorite Halloween ideas from the scary creepy crawlers of the interwebs.

Some delicious Dirty Chocolate Pudding Cups with Tombstone Cookies.

I imagine someone with less need to appear so upright and decent, could take Martha’s pretty but somewhat boring Halloween Lollipops and fill them with much more fearsome fillings.

I’ve always loved this idea for a Zombie Hand made of marzipan, decorated with cocoa powder, coffee grinds, and chili powder.  I’ve never gotten around to making it, since its more of a table center piece and less of a group snack.  One day though.  One day!  Mwa ha ha!

Yum! Black Widow Spider Cakes! I particularly like the idea of stuffing them full of bloody oozing insides!

This Frankencake looks exciting! This blog has been abandoned and the photos have scurried off. Luckily we were able to follow a blood trail to find the image so you can see what it looks like.

Here’s just a quick idea for an easy table decoration made of upside down cupcake papers, courtesy of

Brains! I want to eat brains! Try out these yummyMelon Brains! I like mine rare, pink and juicy on the inside!

Ha ha! How do you like this Doll Serving Dish. Green Guts and chips. Delish.

Don’t forget to read last year’s favorites from our Halloween Archive. Okay, guys. Get out there and make some gory gooey gross goodies.

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