Thanksgiving Planning

Its Thanksgiving time!  As you could expect, this is one of our favorite holidays. Its a day of eating until you’re sick and then going to sleep on the living room floor.  We’re going to Ira’s parent’s up in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving this year so I’m not going to be doing much cooking.  I don’t want to miss out with my time to slave in the kitchen, so I’m hosting a Thanksgiving for friends tomorrow (sunday). To share the method to my madness, I thought I would share my menu and schedule with you so you can see how I’ve broken up my time.

2009 Thanksgiving Menu for 10

Janice, Ira’s mom, brought us a few of her organic free range chickens a few weeks ago.  They are the most delicious wonderful hormone free birds so I wanted to serve them for a Thanksgiving dinner.  They are a bit on the small side, so I decided to make a duck as well, when I found it on sale at our local market.  I then picked my favorite of the traditional side dishes.  I’ll include pics next week!  Here’s my schedule for getting everything together.

Friday Evening:

  • shopping: Stanley’s produce markt, Jewel Supermaket and Rich’s Polish Deli
  • tidy house


  • Put poultry into brine
  • pumpkin soup
  • cranberry sauce
  • pecan pie
  • roast sweet potatoes for spoon bread
  • slice onions for casserole
  • set table


  • assemble stuffing
  • prep poultry to roast
  • assemble casseroles (bean and onion)
  • get poultry in oven
  • bake stuffing
  • assemble spoon bread
  • toward end of roasting poultry, bake bean casserole.
  • prep potatoes to cook
  • take poultry out of oven
  • boil and mash potatoes
  • bake spoon bread and onion casserole while preparing gravy
  • serve food

Ok, I just wasted all day working on random stuff and now its 5 p.m. and I still have my whole Saturday check list to hit.  Time to get cooking!

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