Food For the Dead

Last night, the dead awoke dressed in lacy finery and performing feats of daring deadly might. The Aloft Loft’s Homecoming Dance of Death was a total riot with acts which included contortionists, jugglers, and strong men flinging their girlfriend high into the air.

Acts were interspersed through the night, to allow guests to mingle and partake of the complimentary spiked punch and food between acts. That’s were we came in.

Our very Forkable friends, Amber and Laura help with the set up.

When my friend Shayna, Aloft’s Artisitic Director, asked me if I could make some food for her party, I knew it was going to have to be something special. Her events always make an impression so I wanted to do the same with the food. Forkable pulled out all the stops. Here are some deadly treats to tempt even the most anorexic high school cheerleader zombie.

Of course we had platters of the finger and eyeball cookies we previously posted about.

We had wrapped hot dog spiders.

The deviled eggs were supposed to look like the Great Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings. I don’t know if I succeeded; you be the judge.

Can you tell which is which. I know; it’s a hard boiled situation. Te he.

I think of all the things we made, nothing got as much attention as the Brain Cake.

The brains were red velvet cakes covered with white chocolate. These were really hard to make (as I am not a super skilled baker). I had to make the chocolate thick enough to release from the mold, but I knew because of this, they would break apart when I cut them.

I left them untouched as table centerpieces for most of the night, but everyone wanted to see inside them, so I finally cut them up. I tried heating up the knife to melt the chocolate as it cut, but they still sort of broke up. They were tasty though!

Here are more pictures of our treacherous treats.

Amber in German gear, and Myself as a Mad Scientist on the trapeze.

We had a fabulous time. Thanks to all my fabulous friends especially Amber for helping me get this all together. So all the dead have been put to bed. What’s next on the party list… I’ll keep you posted.

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